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Most of us want to be a chef in the kitchen. To show off our talents to their fullest, for this it helps to have a functional and well designed kitchen. It doesn’t matter if your dream  kitchen has modern or retro style, our job is to refurbish your kitchen to meet your needs. We can redesign your kitchen…

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If your living room is gloomy and uninteresting, or of a poor layout, or maybe you want to change its purpose, or even just want to brighten it up. We can help…

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If your house has become too cramped for you and your family, you could consider making an extension. We offer a professional extensions built as quickly as possible and for competitive price…

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Most peoples days begin and ends in the bathroom. For this reason the bathroom needs to be warm and inviting.  We offer bathroom planning and designs ideas, installing a wide range of styles of bathrooms units. We can handle plumbing, tiling of walls and flooring. We can customize your…

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A practical space specially customized for washing and for laundering. This space will help you to do routine household tasks faster, giving you more time for more interesting matters…

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An unused and uncared for garage can be converted to a useful room; a nice entertainment are for you or your children, a kids play area, a home gym or even a utility room.We can insulate the walls and install windows, build any necessary…

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About us

Leo’s Designs limited specialise in a full or part home refurbishment: decorating, tiling, flooring and extensions. We can carry out all stages of work from demolition and brickwork to plumbing and final fit. We manage small works such as moving windows, doors up to larger projects such as full renovation and extensions. We can offer you creative planning and design ideas. We can even manufacture bespoke furniture to help you achieve your exact requirements and desires.

Our clients regard us as being very reliable, we always try to exceed our customers expectations. We offer our clients the best solutions, reliable technologies and experienced builders. There is no project too big or too small, we can help you whatever your needs. Leo’s Designs strives to ensure the highest quality of service for our clients, and to build the reputation of our company. We have a growing network of clients, situated around London, Brighton and Worthing.

We are a friendly, honest and have a responsible team whom you can really trust

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